Svg Getpath

strange thing with the GetPath SVG node
i want to extract XY vector from a simple “square” polygon
(vertices bin size=4) using Getpatch
the first 2 slices seems to be duplicated
did i missed something!
see patch

svg getpathbug.v4p (7.5 kB)

yes thanks, bug of the svg lib. fixed!

because it was the only thread on this node:

can anyone (tonfilm) please talk some words about the Path Type?

so, i guess it is like that:
0 = start point
3 = control point ?
1 = edge vertex
129 = end point

or, even better: someone with a patch, demonstrating GetPath >> BezierSpline (or similiar)


hi sebl, this enumeration is what you get out of the node as type: