Svg custom struct


i have a question regarding the svg nodes. For any reason the renderer as well as the AsString Node uses a custom svg document struct which includes a background color beside the svg document. In my Plugin i implemented the same struct “SvgDoc” - no problem - i can create a input pin which accepts that struct type - but as far as i try to connect it to the other svg nodes it doesnt work - any ideas how to deal with it?

may it has something to do with the re-definiton of the same struct in the namespace?



you cannot just create a new struct which looks as the other, you have to use the one which is already there. you can do so by referencing the project or dll in which the struct is defined.

or you could make a simple converter node which outputs just the SvgDocument and use that one, if the background color is not important to you.

thanks - so as i thought - problem of redefinition - to avoid referencing a second dll (beside the svg.dll) a converter node c(sh)ould be a standard… or better: the struct could be defined within the svg namespace itself then you can use it from anywhere

yes, i agree… i am also thinking about a way to eliminate the custom struct all together and just store the background color in a custom attribute, which was not available at the time of the initial SVG nodes implementation.

ok, now the custom struct is gone. try the upcoming alpha build…

great! this will make life easier.