SVG background color missing when saving

I have enthusiastically been fiddling around with the svg nodes.
I have tried saving my little svg master pieces using Writer (SVG) but have noticed that when I open them in my browser or inkscape the backgroundcolor is not saved, it is always white and when I look in the svg file it is not defined.

am I doing something wrong? see attached example.


SVG_bg_Color.v4p (4.7 kB)

yes, that can be misleading, svg has no background color by design, its only introduced for your convenience at the renderer and reader. if you want a colored background, create a big quad behind all other geometry.

may I then suggest another way for the renderer to work in regard to background color:

default color should then be white, since that is the color it has in most other programmes working with svg.

if you set the background color to any other color than white, then the renderer should place a quad behind everything else that has the color of the background.

perhaps this behavior could be selectable in the inspektor.

This would make it less misleading or?

the background should be transparent by default (as it is at the reader). the renderer has to have one and i chose black because its vvvv style, maybe white would be the better default in that case.
svg is designed with the web in mind, so it should have the background of the html or whatever is behind it. most svg software and browsers use white if nothing else is specified.
i also thought of a big quad. but the time was to short to implement it… but i will consider it for the next release!

regarding naming consistency, i think the renderer window frame should be named ‘SVG Renderer’ (as is DirectX Renderer, TTY Renderer etc), instead of ‘Renderer’

agreed!.. no text …