Surround Sound with vaudio

Hello there,

i have been looking into the vaudiopack lately and i think i want to generate sound inside vvvv.
does anyone have any experience with generating surround sound events and moving those events in the room?
i think i would have to buy an external soundcard to access the speakers seperatly and also make my own funktion for the leveling of the speakers to match the actual position of a virtual object.
or is there a node who is actually doing that?
i havent found one yet.

thanks for the advice in advance


yes, you will need a card with a sufficient amount of outputs. you can also try with an onborad 5.1 card with Asio4All driver if your pc has one.

in the workshop patches is an example of moving a sound source thru a space with multiple speakers:

wow!!! thanks, thats exactly the thing i was looking for.
it is also possible to vary the outputsources as u please.
thats awesome!


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