SuperPhysical, volumetric lights and lookat


I am working on a project with SuperPhysical, and I am a bit confused about how to make lookat work with the volumetric lights… The whole scene seems to adapt to the new camera view, exept for the volumetric lights that stay static. I don’t know anything about shading, my question is maybe 101 level, but I would be happy to get some help :)



Hi, hard to tell without patch, but lookat matrix works bit different then regular translate rotate matrix so it might need some extra work to support that in the shader… It might be that, or might be something disconnected somewhere…

Did you provide your data over here:

Thanks for your answer!
The camerastate is well connected… Here is my patch if you want to have a look:
SuperPhysical LookAt.v4p (81.1 KB)

Hi, so the problem is exactly in that place
Because you have different camera, you camera state is’t connected to anything…
You need to change patch a bit:


It’s working :) Thank you so much!!!

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