Superphysical Install not working

Okay guys, I tried to debug this myself, I really did.

I want to get the superphysical contrib running. But everything I ever try, this is what I get.

I hovered over a node to give you info what it says. Some nodes it says are missing but they are in exactly the location the mousover says it expects it.

I tried the current Beta39, I tried beta 38. Both x86 and x64.

I created a “packs” folder in the VVVV directory and copied superphysical into it.

What is my stupid mistake?

Thanks so much!

looks like you did not install the dx11 pack.

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Thanks so much, that was obviously the mistake.

Now it crashes on startup trying to load the demo patch… very strange. I will experiment further.

Make sure to always use latest version from github.

This one works with BETA 39.

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