Superphysical forward - depthbuffer for bokeh

hi all,
hi @mburk

the depthbuffer coming from the temptarget in SuperPhysical (SuperPhysical) help is somehow not compatible with kino bokeh. the data is in there, I can see it with depthreconstruct. I could use the gbuffer from your deferred pipeline, but that would be doppelt gemoppelt.

Any hints on how to get that working?
great contrib btw

Is antialiasing turned off for the rendertarget you’re trying to use?

It is set to 1. I believe dx11 always does AA 1x1

works fine for me. or did you mean something else?

Did you maybe connect the shadow maps instead? you need the depth from the scene.

it works, of course - thanks for pointing out! I came from deferred with other scalings and my values were way off.

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