SuperPhysical and DOF

Hey @Meierhans, lets move this here.
Actually everything looks pretty much as it is supposed to.

As this DOF and SSAO are both deferrred screen space effects, there is no reason they should conflict with SuperPhysical. Also they don’t conflict with the Volumetrics, as they also are just blended as a post effect.

Just two things: I would put the SuperToneMapping as the last thing in your shader chain.
And another minor/unrelated thing: The volumetrics work best/only if the rendererd texture dimensions are divisable by 4 (or maybe two). Just noticed, I never mentioned that.

Thx for opening a new topic, but its all fine now, it was my fault. I copied the node from another patch with very different scaling of the model, so the DOF settings where far of.

SuperPhysical + DOF is a hell of a combo!

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