Superphysical and antialiasing

Hey, I am playing around with superphysical and I have the following problem, when the light hits the sphere from behind, i have a lot of white spots on the surface of the spheres:

This is not happening when the light is frontal:

I am trying to figure out what is the minimal configuration to have a PBR material up and running, and I assume I have deleted too many nodes from the example that come with the addon. This is my patch
Spread01recapPBR.v4p (8.8 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Indeed, it seems you removed the FXAA (Antialiasing)

Yes I have removed it because it was not working (see patch)Spread01recapPBR.v4p (9.2 KB)

These are basically regular aliasing problems. They get especially visible on one side of the spheres, because the light from the IBL wraps around on certain viewing angles and the outlines of the spheres get really bright. This leads to aliasing beeing very visible.
Using anti aliasing in the renderer or FXAA effect help a lot:

The FXAA effect is a post effect. So to use I would recommend using a temp target renderer. See the attached patch. And don’t forget to enable the depth buffer.
Spread01recapPBR (1).v4p (12.8 KB)

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everything is clear now, thanks ;)

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