Super Noob Question: System Requirements?

Hi there… I’m a super noob and got hooked on the possibilities of vvvv after attending Node20.

I’m a Mac user (with an eGPU), but I’m willing to buy a PC to use vvvv properly.

  • What are the system requirements I should look out for?
  • Should I start with vvvv gamma right away? I’m looking to explore the video aspect of vvvv first.

Thank you!

Hello and welcome :)

I would suggest you keep going with your setup until you really need more performance. Be aware of your hardware bottleneck. (CPU / SSD / GPU). ATM Ryzen5, a (used) Nvidia card from 10xx or 20xx generation and an NVMe SSD is the way to go. Be aware that your mainboard provides enough PCIe lanes to support SSD and GPU at maximum speed. Welcome to DIY PC world ;)

Yes, start with gamma. Makes no sense learning the old ways if you are new to this. VL.Mediafoundation implements a video player, Stride is in preview, and other popular packages should hopefully follow this year.

Amazing! Thank you for the details reply.


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