Sun, vvvv and cheap beer

Proximos 2010 is a festival held yearly in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. We focus on the very underground and alternative forms of art, which is a rather simple task on an island where over 95% of cultural events range from mainstream to latin-crap (oopsy…).
Anyway through the years we have become a reference for the experimental music scene and the offer of simple but attractive workshops we give (for free) has acted as a glue and an attractor for the different kind people joining our events.
So, this year, we called back “home” one of our mostly beloved lost (black) sheeps (step in if you please) who moved to Berlin one year ago, to give a vvvv workshop, the 9th and 10th of June.
More info at (final page coming soon)


today i was thinking that maybe i’ll move to canary islands…

@IO, hahaha, black sheep ;)
@Defetto, it could be great to see you in Tenerife, nice place for living.


yeah i have a friend in las palmas, i’ve been in gran canaria, fuerteventura and lanzarote… really amazing, good weather all year around and not too far from here… it’s really a strong option in my future plans…

hey guys , I may pass by Canary this summer also not sure yet it would be great to se you there ;D

btw IO , you lived there then ? I live in Granada if you come by guys give me a call and we,ll have some nice tapas ;D


Would be great to make a vvvv meeting in canary islands ;) jejeje

@Colorsound, i´m in tenerife 2 weeks in juny and 2 weeks in july, maybe we can meet.



@colorsound, dunno yet if I ll be here in August but for sure till July, so feel free to PM and let me know

@lasal we already talked here about this idea, maybe not just a vvvv meeting but a mapping day, inviting artists to come over and show their mapping skills. As you know although the distance from Europe mainland, travelling fare are reasonable and staying is cheap, and it s reachable from all over the continent’s main airports.