Sum of values

Hey everybody

I just started using vvvv, and I really like they way programming is done with it.

I have had some basic C programming, so my problem is kinda explained from the perspektive, sorry.

Problem is:
I have some sort of mechanism, that for every frame gives me some value output between 0 and 75000. Now, i want to SUM values for a given timespan, lets just say 60 sec, so that every NEW value is added to an already existing value.
Problem is, i just dont know how to SUM all values, because i dont know how to make a loop, that remembers the value from the earlier output. Ive played a little bit around with the framedelay funktion, but cant seem to get ahold of the logical koncept of building this loop.

I hope this makes sense to some of you hehe


like this?

add.v4p (7.2 kB)

OMG i could hug you right now :D
I have been working all day with this, thanks to you i finally grasp the idea of how a switch works.

Thanks a lot for the quick answer! :D