Suggestions for a project

Hello again,

I’ve got to think about a project using vvvv. Had thought that it could be a 3D solar system, but I see it’s not very original and I can’t think of anything else. Besides, as a beginner, I can’t make complicated things… yet.

Could you suggest me something for that project?

Thanks, but a solar system is what I think is not very original. I need something different

believe me if you started less then a year ago you would need to learn a bit
try apply there something like this
(even if look ugly sure you can google for something simpler)
this field is really really interesting, guess if i would not need to work at some day might try it out just for fun.

But in your case, i would suggest to go for something like Bullet or Box2d at first place. If you more interested in graphics then welcome to

hei artie, you might also find some inspiration in those examples: parasitic-design-a-vvvv-beginners-cookbook

hey thanks for pointing that out antokhio :)

@artie: do whatever you are interested in. actually there is no original or not original as long as the project keeps you motivated and you can learn stuff.
When i started I had a lot of little projects that had something to do with modding help files. try for example attractors or sphereharmonic…