Suggestion: in VL editor keep selection after moving nodes to region

I think regions are one of those great features in VL and the ability to move stuff in and out of them holding CTRL is really nice.

But one thing that always bugs me, is that after stuff is moved into the region - and if there are already nodes in the region in 99% of cases the new ones get mixed in over the other ones - the selection is lost. Now I have to tediously select all the nodes again and move them out of the way.

Could you please, either drop the newly added nodes somewhere where they are not over the old nodes, or even simpler and more effective, just keep the selection so I can move them out of the way myself after adding them to the region. Obviously the same goes for moving them out of a region. Basically unless I click in the empty space of the editor, the selection should never be lost.

Thanks for considering!

totally, tracked.

something similar should be considered for duplicating or pasting nodes

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