Suggestion 2: Add "Error Handling Style" to VL nodes in vvvv

So I have this node in vvvv that is a VL node and for some bizarre reason its red (but working fine) and therefore causing all parent patches to be red, until I open the patch that contains the node and it then immediately turns grey (I have lovingly named it Schroedinger’s Node).

I noticed a while back that the division node in vvvv has a handy dropdown for “Error Handling Style”, so it doesn’t turn red when you divide by 0.

Could you add something like that to VL nodes in vvvv? I know its an advanced feature and should be a hidden input, but in a lot of cases would be very handy, since looking at the main patch in the root always being red because of that one node hurts my OCD eyes ;)

Thanks for considering.

what you propose here sound more like a workaround to an actual problem which seems to be that there is a red node and you don’t know why it is red. i’d prefer to concentrate on solving this actual problem first.

can you share a patch where we can retrace this issue?

Is the VL node in question red or pink? And do you see by any chance a “Method not implemented” exception in the tty output?

@joreg. You are right it is a workaround.

@Elias In the VL editor the node itself is neither red nor pink, even when the node in vvvv is red. The node in vvvv is only red till you open the subpatch and look at the node. It happens when my main vl patch turns red (because of some NIL inputs, which can not be avoided sometimes). There is a way to reset this and the main VL node turns grey again. It seems that the VL node inside the subpatch doesnt get updated to turn back to grey, but once you open the subpatch it refreshes and notices that it should be grey.
Unfortunately as with a lot of very large patches its almost impossible to make a patch which demos the behaviour.

On the subject of the TTY: I wish I could get some proper readings from the TTY, but I have some DX11 error, which so far is not traceable to anything which gets triggered every frame. So there is no chance to see anything, even if I turn “log messages” to 0 I have to try to find a message inbetween like a thousand of the same DX11 error messages. As much as I like the information TTY can give you, without some ability to filter messages or look for specific stuff, its impossible to use in cases like this. Of course most useful would be a proper error console with filtering, similar to how the Mac console works. The style in vvvv could be similar to the finder.

Just starting to build something in vvvv to filter messages and only show messages unique to a frame, but just noticed TTY stops logging and outputting strings if you hide the renderer (using Alt+3). Why? Whats the point of the string output if I always have to show the renderer? Why no separate node with just the log output without the renderer?

I guess the TTY renderer was probably one of the first nodes ever and it really shows…

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