Subpatching a layer

Hallo VVVV people…

Oke, since my current project is going to be prety big, I decided to use Suppatching to keep the spiderweb smaller. (using beta9)

I wanted calculate a few rectangles, but I am kind off lost on how to get the values back to my normal patch.

I understand I can use an IO-box with a name and no pins attached to communicate with my subpatch.

This works great for simple numeric values, but I also want a layer to get back to the main patch, like the pin at the bottem off the RoundRect node (it says support: GDI Layer).

I am sure I missed something, and hope some one can tell me what.

Also using the S (send) and R (recieve) nodes for supatches, does it work if I use the same suppatch a few times? (with different values)

Hope you can help me, and greetz from the Netherlands.

There are IO-Boxes (and S & R’s as well) for all datatypes such as Strings, Colors, Enumarations and Nodes! For your problem with transmitting layer outside of a subpatch just use the IOBox (Node) or Send (Node)

Note that just IOBox (Value) is accesible witth right doubleclick. ioboxes with other datatypes are accessed like any other node…


there are several species of IOBoxes: Value, String, Enum and Node.
(You will get only the Value version when you do a double click).

The IOBoxe (Node) is the one for all things which are not Values, Strings or Enums. So you can use that to output layers.

using S and R within a subpatch is not really a good idea, as each channel in need to have a different name. from an engineering standpoint its most of the time much better to use IOBoxes, as you can understand more easily how the data gets from here to there. so use S and R with caution.

more info about the use of IOBoxes here: Tutorial IOBoxes

a Subpatch containing several R nodes is no problem at all. you can use this Subpatch several times.

but a Subpatch containing a S node can be used only one time.
You may use Self (VVVV) to generate an individual Sendstring for your sending Modules, but everywhere you R eceive data you have to select “by hand” which data is wanted to be receceived.

Thanks for he quik reply :)

I think you can abuse the S and R nodes for stalling variabeles, like in other languages.

Hehe, thnx for the IOBox (node) answer, just what I was looking for!!

Other Q, what does BIN size mean (because it is a parameter off that node).

you don’t need it when working with layers, because layers are always single connections for now.

if you have a another node connection (like transform, texture connections) you can group some slices to be treated as one with that binsize pin.

hope that patch helps…

node binsize.v4p (8.5 kB)

I tried to use color send to a subpatch. Within the subpatch it works, but in the main patch the colored object (a rectangle) doesn’t appear any more.
How comes?

When I try to work with a subpatch instead of S(Color), I have the problem that the IOBox(Color) doesn’t work. When I create the node with the name of the subpatch in, it hasn’t an out-pin.