Subpatches in Help Patches


any precedents on using subpatches in help patches?

mm the Camera (Transform Softimage) and the iobox helppatches are using a subpatch…


so i can see Camera uses modules (is that what you’re referring to?)

a couple of iobox help patches refer to a seperate patch for more help, but dont act as subpatches

so say i have a help patch that is sufficiently complex to justify sub-patches (currently this StereoCalibrate help patch is about 3 screens when spaced out properly to show everything that’s going on)

also putting renderers in the subpatches means they won’t affect system performance when hidden (another note, a friend noticed that renderers scrolled off screen InAWindow really mess with fps)

so i can just put the v4p in the lib/nodes/plugins folder and it won’t be enumerated as a module correct? (even though it doesn’t end in ‘help’).
(i could just try this, but not sure if there’s a proper way about going about this)

thanks again!

jep, thats the idea.

great yeah seems to work!
hope you don’t mind some sub-dirs also :):