Subpatches in boygroup

hi all,

my boygroup consists of a server and one client. on the client the viewport is shifted horizontally (client id-node works fine). one subpatch in my main patch determines all the camera movement and it is directly connected to the renderer. so when i boygroup the renderer, this whole subpatch is also boygrouped and for some reason the viewport on the client is somehow wrong then. when i place the the camera patch directly in the main patch and boygroup the renderer, everything works fine. so is there a way to prevent that subpatches always get fully boygrouped. it would help if it could be boygrouped partially.
may sound a bit confusing, maybe it is,…for me at least…

thx for help!

the boygrouping command extends to include all upstream nodes which are connected by links which can not be transferred over the network.
these are basically all “node pin” connections, e.g. transforms, textures, render states, layers, video streams etc.

this has some historic reasons and it still makes sense for e.g. textures: in the time you’d have transferred a texture over the network, you´d most probably have generated it on the client.

to solve your problem: open your subpatch and boygroup only the parts of your subpatch which needs to be boygrouped…

thank you for the fast reply,

but that’s what doesn’t work. it seems as if subpatches cannot be boygrouped partially…by selecting the renderer and pressing ALT+B every node in the connected supatch is boygrouped and single nodes cant’t be “unboygrouped”…

its no problem to partially boygroup subpatches. certain connections require that the upstream part is being boygrouped as well.
what nodes do you have in your subpatch?

i attached the subpatch for the camera movement, if you want have a look at it…

ok, obviously adding attachments doesn’t work for me now.
in general my subpatch consists of 2 lfos, which affect the with/height of a circular spread-node, just for doing the camera rotation. the x/y outputs are linked to a lookAt-node. there are just 2 additional transformation-nodes linked to it (perspective and aspect ratio). as long as just these transformation-nodes are boygrouped, everything works fine, but when the whole subpatch gets automatically boygrouped (which is my problem) i am not able any more to ‘unboygroup’ other nodes like lfos, dampers,…it just works, when i place all this directly in the main patch, where the renderer is…

im not sure if this is one of your problems but do you use the Camera (Transform Softimage).v4p module?

If yes, note that devices (like the mouse or keyboard) you use on the server side shouldnt be boygrouped, because if theyre boygrouped they take the values from the clientside devices.

What has that to do with that camera module? well unfortunately the device nodes for keyboard and mouse input are integrated into that module. if you boygroup the camera you boygroup the mouse and keyboard as well and the module doesnt receive keyboards and mouse inputs from server anymore.

the camera module could easily be adpated btw.

nono, it’s not the softimage-cam, it’s an own patch with some transformation nodes, lfos,… linked to the renderer in the main patch.
whenever i boygroup the renderer, every single node in the subpatch is boygrouped, even the nodes, which needn’t be boygrouped (like lfos, circular spreads,…) and the STRG+B-command doesn’t work on all the nodes in the subpatch… no clue why…