SubPatches and Copy&Paste

Im haveing problems C&Ping into subpatches.
I create a new subpatch ctrl+sft+P, save it into the project folder, copy and paste some nodes from the main patch in, and any subpatches get lost just get empty nodes. I’ve never noticed this before. Has anyone experienced this?
I shall try rebooting, but I have noticed it before recently…

Are the patches from which you copy in the same path as the ones you paste it?

One thing that confused me in the beginning for a minute is that the position stays the same in absolute pixels when you copypaste something from a big patch to a empty patch in a small window. I’d had to scroll to see my pasted stuff.

this has happened to me too.
my sub patches dont copy into the my main patch

Yes there all in the same directory or a subdirectory, they appear but are empty when opened.