"subgrouping" spreads

hi everybody…

i am still not really fit with spreads… (what a shame!). what i want to do is subgrouping a big spread into a variable number of of “subspreads” where each is individually editable and afterwards combine those subspreads into a big one. the problem is that the number of subgroups is not fixed.

attached is an example that actually illustrates what i want (hopefully). in the patch its just a spread of 9 vectors which are splitted into 3 groups.

does this need a somehow dynamic patching. i used to work a lot in pd and there it is possible to draw connections between nodes dynamically. is this also possible in vvvv (i guess for shure) - or is there a better solution for my problem (some node or module which does the job)


spreading_question.v4p (11.9 kB)

there are lots of approaches to this.

this one is simple and perhaps suitable for your needs?

spreading_question.v4p (9.6 kB)

Damn, Kalle beats me too it :D

Read a bit about Binsizes.

spreading_question2.v4p (15.5 kB)


helped a lot! also for general understanding ;)