Subdir not spreadable

maybe not really a bug, just a missing feature.
inputpin of subdir is not spreadable. furthermore it would be nice - if it’s going to be implemented - to have a input index output pin for each slice.


strange, connecting again and it works. before the output was just the vvvv dirs subfolders…
still the output pin would be nice ;)

i would suggest to do it the same way like the dir node does it: it offers a file count pin.

so the subdir node would have a subdir count pin, which outputs how many sub directories were found in each of the specified directories.

  • this can be connected to a binsize pin of a spectral node
  • or you can connect it to the right input of a select node to get the former index.


sounds good!

found a bug with that pin though…
will open another thread

or lets delete this node(?) and just use normal dir all the time.

dir would need more options and some renaming of pins:


  • Files

  • Directories

  • Hidden

  • System

  • Deep or Recursive Search (would be former “Include Subdirectories”)

with only “Include Directories” checked would be the same as current subdir node.

probably it would also be cool to have some output pin stating how many levels a specific file is layered under the input directory…