Sub pixel interpolation?

I have a 9000 high x 3200 wide pixels hi-res photographic image that i would like to scroll up the screen over 120 minutes duration.

After testing a range of renderers after effects/combustion, etc., I have not been able to get a decent sub-pixel interpolation that retains the detail of the image as it is animated.

Is this something that vvvv could do in realtime and ths avoid the rendering problem of these other softwares?



i would split the image in 16 parts with exact same size (2250x800). then load all parts as a spread of textures and map them on a spread of Quads. if you know the resolution of the final exhibition screen you can calculate scaling values so that the pixels fit to the screen. additional a pixelshader sharpen or blur filter could improve image quality.

Thanks for the info tonfilm. i’ll give it a go.