Sub-patche now loads in tab in same window :(


This must sound like a very silly question but for some reason a subpatch in my patch now opens in the same window in a different tab. Since I really need to see both at the same time I want it to open in a new window like all the others. But now it just won’t. How can I control this behaviour?


have you read about the Docking feature?

Hold ALT-key and drag one off the docked patches outside of the docked subpatches to set it free.

(There is a tutorial file on that, will try if I can find it)

I didn’t know about the docking feature!

But still, after reading that Docking link joreg gave me and after trying all combinations of ALT and whatever do I cannot set it free and cannot create new ones. Sorry, I’m probably being dumb but I can’t do it.

This is what it says:

''If you are working with multiple windows, Docking can be useful to stack windows on top of each others. Windows will snap into another, and vvvv automatically shows tabs to select between the different windows. You can use docking with all windows within vvvv, You can dock one window to another by pressing ALT while clicking in a window and dragging it onto another. Release the mouse button when a gray border appears in the target window. Then use the tabs to bring different windows to front.

You can undock windows by just starting to dock as described above but releasing the mouse button somewhere over the desktop instead of another vvvv window.’’

I tried to hold ALT and drap a window on top of another. Nothing happened. I never saw that gray border. Also tried to drag the tab to the desktop to set it free and nothing.



it is imporant to start dragging in an empty spot in the patch and not on one of the windows borders

Ah! Done! So simple… still I didn’t get it because… well… if I want to drag a window I automatically go for the frame :)