Stupid questions

Okay - I give up. I have a niggly question I’d really appreciate an answer to, if some kind soul would oblige.

Why do some modules show IIII at the start of their name? e.g. IIII Camera, and IIII Light. I’m assuming it’s because they are DX9 objects, but I don’t see anywhere stating that this is explicitly the reason why. Is there more to this?

Many thanks in advance!

right click them, and the secret will be revealed…:)

Sooo… it’s just saying this is a sub-patch? If I make a sub-patch of my own it’ll do the same? (I’ve not quite got to that stage yet - still going through the tutorials).

more precisely the |||| symbol says that they are normal subpatches. the two reversed pp symbol says they are modules, usually stored in vvvv’s module directory so that they can be opened via the node list.

you create subpatches with the ctrl+shift+p or ctrl+shift+n shortcut. save it and create some in- and outputs with IOboxes that have a descriptive name (ctrl+i).

Ah! Thanks. I must have missed that somewhere.