Stupid question?

I know this is probably the dumbest question ever but…
I have a videoin node and I want to connect it to fiducial tracker and to video texture at the same time is this possible?
Orwould it be better to connect to videotexture node and then to fiducaltracker.
Dumb question?

helo ralph,

all Audio and Video outputs can only have one connection. that is by design. but you need to connect VideoIn -> FiducialTracker -> VideoTexture anyway to get the thing running.

FiducialTracker will only work if there is a VideoTexture connected (which in turn needs something like a quad which in turn needs a renderer).

Dumb question?


hey joreg
I got the fiducial tracker working but the only thing is that I want to also check for blobs at the same time as checking for fiducials
I have the fiducial tracker patch and also I have another patch that detects blobs. however since i have only one video feed I can only check for either one or the other.

is there a way that I can group the two videoin to analyse for both the blobs and fiducial markers

for sure you think about Contour (Freeframe) DShow9.
you may chain this one between the FiducialTracker (Freeframe) DShow9 and the videotexture node because the fiducial tracker doesn’t modify the videosignal.

at software tool links somewhere is a link to “splitcam” which installs as a driver that allows you to use the same video device with two VideoIn nodes.
but better go with the first solution for performance reasons.

thanks for your help
I’ll post it up if anyone is interested in it.

after installing quickcam - it doesnt seem to capture anything from my webcam.
I’ve attached a copy of the file I’;m working on at the min

fiducal_tracker + blobs.jpg (251.4 kB)

quickcam or splitcam?

sorry splitcam
i should really read my reply before I post