Stuck in mouse trigger problem

Hi all

I’m not sure anyone do it before:

I try to play a movie and couple of pictures, what I want to do is play movie automatic and use the mouse click to trigger the pictures to display (I Use switch)

The problem is I try to keep the mouse to trigger the picture - one click then display next picture… and if no click after 10 seconds, the patch back to the video play

Now the patch stuck here…

Please even some hints will be very helpful.


i don’t know if i understood your problem, but try to look at timerflop and monoflop, vvery useful nodes. Anyway, if you can post the patch it’s simpler to understand what’s the problem ;)

FUN… no text …

Thank you both!

I try to experimental from the other users patch.

Attached I got the video play and pictures auto play without problem, but I still can’t find a way for mouse trigger - I mean I know how to switch between video and photo use ‘switch’ but how to do with below action:

Left click mouse once - switch the video to photo,
Left click again - switch the photo to video,
no mouse click at photo state for 20 sec for example, also switch the photo to video

player_rough.v4p (23.0 kB)

anyone could help on the node idea?


maybe like this?

AutoToggle.v4p (3.7 kB)

Thank you so much tonfilm!

I learned a lot from this.