Strings in vvvv

hey everyone,

I was wondering how you guys would go about working with large text files in vvvv. I know TimelinerSA handles the timing aspect of it, which I need, but what about scanning a large text file over a long period of time. Kind of like a scroll but with more control and possibilities. I welcome any and all suggestions and ideas.



first try the “Reader” node and check if performancewise having the whole text file in memory is ok, if not, then maybe you could:

use a php script on a local webserver to serve up sections of the text file. You could then pass the offset of the text file that you want to the script in the query string of the url, e.g. http://localhost/servetext.php?line=48209

i dont know whether that would be quick enough though.


Split the document up into smaller chunks with equal numbers of lines and only load two text files at any one time (the current shown text file and the next one).

If however, Reader does work, then split the string into a spread using “Separate(String)” (setting the separate character to “\n” to separate on line breaks, and then use “Scroll (String)”

i heared that somebody wanted to make a binary file stream as plugin… i think it was @woei. but dont know if he suceeded… should be an easy task as plugin.