String2Enum with Blend(texture mixer) bug

i found question about string2enum solved here

but when i try to use this solutin with blend(texture mixer) it just wont work, and still with other nodes (for example blend(EX9.render state) it works ok, why?

I’ve had some odd behavior relating to using enums which correspond to effect technique types. They don’t seem to show up in the list of available enum types in things like NULL (Enumerations) . In general, I’ve found enums in vvvv to be somewhat fragile.

Also found that all these enum errors that constantly shows up since some time now are somehow related to multiscreens. All these errors won’t shows up when working on only one screen. Or am I wrong?

yes, sometimes I accidentally my whole enum after moving render window to second screen

it would be great to maybe simplify enums and make them more string-like, even that whole system with create enum and null look to me a bit crude

maybe if you can somehow see the list of commands and just feed string into input, (and in addition ability to set string node to list with possibility of choosing one of the spreads as only output, much like list enum works now) but that would be big core change, and maybe its dull way to solve this, its just first thing that came to my mind, main idea is just to make enums works better