String wordwrap problem

Hi Guys,

i´m trying to visualize some twitter content and i´m having problems warping the words.

The idea is to obtain a 256 characters string for every twitter message, wit 16 characters per line, filling the empty characters with spaces.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,

Ari (3.1 kB)

Not sure if you want to use wordwrap. From what I understand you want to format the srings regardless of what the end font will be? Had a quick crack at it- hope it helps…

StringFormatThing.v4p (12.0 kB)

like this?

WordWrap_Test2.v4p (5.7 kB)

uff uff. everyone is quicker than me.

hrovac: probably because of your leg …

Wow, fast!

the examples look nice but they cut the words, this would be the reason to use wordwrap.

other idea?

Thanks a lot guys, it helps a lot.


hm, i think the best way is to use the chrome renderer from the alpha version. you can use css to place/align/whatever the text and finally receive a texture with the resolution you want.

Thanks Hrovac,
nice tip, i´ll check it if my the idea doesn´t work.
Due the setup´s (big) size i have to use vectorial information instead of render the twits into textures.

uumm Looking at the wordwrap node, i see a formerIndex output pin that could be the useful.

ahh sorry lasal, had a feeling was missing something…

Another try :P

StringFormatThingII.v4p (7.6 kB)

i´ve found it :)
and when the string is longer than 16 char, works fine.
Thanks everyoneishappy, it seems that we had the same idea.


WordWrap_Test.rar (5.8 kB)

Thanks guys, i was stumbling over other day.
@lasal: if you coincidentally can filter avatar pics from Twitter body, let me know pls

Hey DiMiX, nice question,
actually i´m looking for a way to filter all links (http://blablabla)

Any tip?


Hi again,

with RegExpr (String Replace)is possible to delete the links, but since they have different lenght, sometimes it doesn´t work.

Is there any expression to erase all the content from the “http://” to the end of the line?

Most of the twitts have the links at the end.

i guess someone is already faster but here is a regexpr-free way…

WordWrap_Test3.v4p (4.1 kB)

Thanks Hrovac,
it looks clever and elegant but i don´t know why it doesn´t work as expected on my setup.
I´ve attached other version which filters the links with RegExpr, it has still some errors with large words, mostly in German language.

if someone knows how to fix it, please let me know.

Ari (3.6 kB)

I’m not really deep in to regexpr, but have found this to be an awesome resource:

Might have what you need there.

Thanks Everyone, it looks very useful.

Interesting behaviour (bug?) with wordwrap:
Not the first but the subsequent slices have a space at the begining, it would be better to obtain several slices without any space at the begining.


WordWrap_BUG.v4p (4.5 kB)

Founded a way to avoid the Wordwrap issue. (4.9 kB)