String to value, no"asvalue"

iam never here is another ysap_question… :)

if i got a string, a word, and i want to give them a value. like

“three” = “3”
“two” = “2”
“four” = “4”
“one” = “1”

got the strings in a iobox and want to get numbers back :)


Ehh… only ‘one’ till ‘nine’, an = (string) would work than, or also ‘seventy seven’

A reversed SpellValue… interesting (where do you get those values?)

a reversed SpellValue would be nice, but if i can choose a number by my own it would be perfect. something that reconized special words.

btw what is a “seventy seven” ?:)

i attached the srings, movie genres. it feels like this one is very tricky…

genres.v4p (1.2 kB)

btw what is a “seventy seven” ?:)

Ehhh… 77, but spelled (I copied it from SpellValue!!)

This method is not spreadable, if you have more inputs at once, I have another solution, but that will increase spreadcount.

Also made a ‘typo alert’ function ;)

Not going to question your motive, but why would you want someone to type the category, and not just go with numbers?

genres-2.v4p (4.8 kB)

jeah thanks, but i need it spreadable…:(

Not going to question your motive…

ähm i want to display genre as words, and i also need a value because of i want to sort genres from good to evil :) no joke, and then i want to display it with colours for each one, like a color transition from good to bad…

Oopsy, forgot the Sift (String) node!! (it is too late)

Next on the list… correct sequence off spread.

What if you made a userpage, so I can PM you (or you me) with Skype/MSN details :D (cozz it sounds like a cool thing)

genres-3.v4p (3.1 kB)

As West pointed out Sift (String) is simply what you are looking for.