String behavior

When I drag a file in a String IObox I d like the option to show only a certain amount of depth. A typical use case is when I have


If I open a string IObox in root and drag mytexture.png in it I d like to see only /images/texture.png

The way I do it now it is retrieving the whole content of a folder and populating automatically a spreaded (<— vvvv neologism) string IObox


hola io,

i am not quite sure if i understand what you are asking for but: via hrn inspektor you can set the String Type of an iobox to Filename which causes results in a visualisation of the string more suitable to filenames.

I d like to be able to decide the subfolder depth visualized in the string IObox. It may be done on a per number of letter basis or more logically on a per depth level.

Example: “C:\Users\io\Documents\vvvv files\”

shoule result in “vvvv files\” if level set to 1

             "" if level set to 0


I understand I can do that with a few nodes but since it is something I want to build better and more clean end user patch I d like it to be something you can select on the Inspektor