String arrays

I’m generating a large array of single strings within vvvv stored as about 25000 slices.
Unfortunately I’m experiencing serious problems as the size of this storage seems to slow vvvv massively down making my patch almost unusable. Maybe the “getSlice” function is a problem here but I’m not sure. Any suggestions?

depending on the size of your strings, manipulating these strings does some serious memory shuffling within vvvv. i somehow expect this to be slow. having enough RAM and big L1 and L2 Caches on your processor will definately improve vvvvs performance here. but the better questions would be what are you trying to accomplish? can you post your patch? perhaps there are better ways of doing the same thing?

Hmmm… seems like the select node is the troublemaker in my patch. not good for data bases. But I found a work-around that fits my purposes.
Thanx anyways!