Stride Z glitch when using transparency

hi all,

I have planes on separate Z levels glitching into each other when I use a transparent texture material. Regardless of png type or texture loading method.


BUG_zzzz.vl (33.0 KB)

Actually that describes something I saw today but hadnt got to the bottom off!

I think something similar was also reported in VL.Stride EarlyAccess once or twice.
Don’t know if direct linking works:!$vrw33xlejGSLEeEVQkPO7pXSVxkkbDa8XU0O8bhhHDc

unfortunately, this is normal and there isn’t much you can do, the problem is as old as computer graphics. transparent objects don’t write into the depth buffer and there is only one point (their origin) that determines the draw order. there is this old article about it from beta:

Is there another way to keep some kind of drawing order within stride? Like in beta with deactivated depthbuffer using just the oder of the objects within the spread?

I tried setting the depthbuffer format to “none”, my objects are far apart, I use an orthogonal view, but still glitchin… this works in beta.


yes, if you use custom rendering you can do everything that you could do with beta and much more. the order in which elements are connected to Group (Sprectral) [Rendering] will be the draw order. rasterizer, depth and blend state let you set all properties of the drawing pipeline.

if you use materials + transparency, stride will order by distance to camera.

Is this possible to do with the existing nodeset or do I have to write a custom shader for that?
Could you post an example if its doable with nodes?

should be all possible with the current nodes: you only need a new shader if the constant color or constant color textured shader isn’t doing what you want.

I came up with this, but I am unable to draw objects within a loop, as the nodes are not spectral groupable. Is that what you meant or is there another solution?

BUG_zzzz3.vl (23.2 KB)

you can just use the QuadRenderer and the Group (Spectral) node connected to a RenderEntity.


what I’m doing wrong?

ah - not AlphaBlend - there is a bigger one

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