Stride RootScene 360 degree texture

Hi there,
bump into the need to record the RootScene in Stride to a 360 video.
In beta, there is a Renderer(CubeTexture) for CubeMap creation. After that, it was possible to parse the renderer output to CubeToPano node and get the result.
But in gamma, there is nothing similar to that Renderer.
Is there some option or approach to recording the 360 video out of RootScene anyhow?

I can share what I see as possible approaches and maybe someone else will have shareable thoughts too.
I port CubeToPano to Stride sdsl out of curiosity and it works fine with Cube maps in .dds format (check the patch). (796.3 KB)
But what interests me more than TextureReader read .dds as the whole six-part texture - it is not a spread.
Is there a way to prepare texture like this in gamma?
And to use a similar approach that was used in Domemaster library - create 6 cameras (one for each face) and combine them into one six-part texture.

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