Stride orthogonal projection

hi all,

how do I setup a stride camera with orthogonal projection?

You can use the CamerComponent to build your own camera it has an enum to set the projection mode, have a look at the camera help patches.

If you want to have an ortho orbit cam, just copy the node definition into your personal library document and switch the camera component from perspective to orthogonal and give the node definition a new name. it looks like an oversight from us to not expose this enum on the orbit cam.

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In ortho mode coordinates within the viewport seem to be -5 to 5. Is there a way to get this into -1 to 1 range? camera distance does not effect the renderer.

orthoTest.vl (39.2 KB)

Yes, you can enable “Use Custom Projection Matrix” and provide any matrix you want, e.g. connect an Ortho node.

the latest preview has an ortho option for the OrbitCamera.


cool, thank you

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