Stride Insert Texture bug?

I am trying to do something fairly simple - insert one texture into another.

Stride has the Insert node for just that. So I create a blank texture and then insert another one.

Weirdly there is some scaling going on though and I cant figure out why? The texture I am inserting has the same width, but after it is inserted it is wider?

Bonus question: why does the output have a different format than either inputs?


stride_texture_insert_bug.vl (10.6 KB)

Idk if that node ever worked as intended… Made two changes now it seems to work.

stride_texture_insert_bug._bvl.vl (24.9 KB)


Yes, works much better now. Still a bit strange that the position values are not absolute like they normally are. A translation of 1 = 100px. But that’s okay, I just multiply by the texture size and its fine that way and works even if the texture size changes.

Thank you!!

@bjoern, @seltzdesign:
Thank you for pointing this out! Of course the right settings were missing.

In the upcoming preview build ( > 2022.5.0-577 ), there will be two nodes: Insert for pixelpace and Insert (UV) for (0,1) space. Nodes are not Experimentral anymore and are moved into the Mixer category.



Maybe rename the UV version to Relative? This is usually the naming scheme for normalized input parameters for TextureFX.