Stride - Grayscale Node


I am struggling to understand the “Grayscale” Node in Stride. There is a help patch for that, but it’s not really clear to me how that works. Look at the image below:


The outcome of the grayscale node is a red image? Why? I am a bit puzzled… How can i fix that?

thanks a lot!

indeed it could be discussed whether this is the right output. the reason you see red, is because the output is a single channel texture. and those happen to be visualised as a single red channel. for drawing gray in an rgb color system you need three channels, all with the same values.


If you rightclick->Configure->Show Output Format then you can set the format to a 4channel format (ie including alpha) and you’ll see gray.

yes, grayscale images are usually stored in a single channel texture to not waste 3 additional channels with the same data, and since we have RGBA, the first channel is red. that is just something you have to know when working with 3d graphics APIs.

That makes sense. All clear now, thanks!

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