Stride GPU Particle example broken

Just tried opening the Stride “GPU Particle System” help patch and getting no output.

There seems to be an error in the DrawParticleShader node where pins are named differently.


Weirdly there seems to actually be a bug in the error reporting as well, since the error is shown one level down from the help patch if you go into ParticleSystem:

But the error is actually not shown in the root level as you can see here:

Shouldn’t ParticleSystem be red? I will post a link to this in the Improved Error Feedback for ‘secondary’ errors in editor thread.

But back to the DrawParticleShader. Even if I reconnect all the pins again, no output can be seen!?

Anybody else getting this? This is in 2021.4.11-1338

Checked this with stable 2021.4.11 on different PCs and cannot confirm. please doublecheck on your end. maybe with a fresh installation.

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