Stride Glass Material broken in gamma 5.3 and 6

Hello dear devvvvs,

I believe I stumbled upon a bug here while experimenting with glass-like materials in Stride.

This is the behaviour I get in 5.2 (desired behaviour):


Yet this is what I get in the latest gamma (6.0-0052):


This is what my patch looks like:

And here is the patch itself for reference:

Stride Glass Material.vl (30.5 KB)

In 5.3 I get an error on the Material node.

I also think the Metalness node is no longer doing anything.

Any thoughts?


There is a red link above the Diffuse node.

You can fix this by using a Convert node:

Or you could connect a color iobox.

This is a breaking change on our side. Working with colors here felt better, as it is not about a 4d vector. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Regarding the Metalness: indeed it looks like it doesn’t work together with Glass. In other contexts, it works, like when Specular is CelShading. But I am sorrily no material expert. It is noteworthy that we focused on wrapping the original library (Stride) and so good place to ask about details of the material pipeline would be the stride community, at least if no one can give a satisfactory answer in here.

Hey @gregsn!

Thanks for the reply,

I did notice the change in colour handling, but “fixing” it did not make a difference.

In my tests, even without the Glass node, Metalness, Specular etc seem to have no effect, are they working for you in combination with the Material node (gamma 6.0-0052)?

Also, why was this working on 5.2 and not working any longer?

I also see that if I set these same material properties in Stride Game Studio (4.2), and then load the project in gamma, glass looks fine, so from my perspective, something changed in gamma between 5.2 and now that broke this.

Do you see any animation in this test patch:

Stride No Glass Material.vl (35.0 KB)

I do, I guess I was testing non-glass wrong.

I just checked a bit more going back and forth between stride game studio and gamma, and indeed, in Glass the Specular just seems to want something connected to it, it ignores variances in settings for Metalness or Specular.

Glass itself though, is totally happy when patched in gamma 5.2, and still working in 6 if I import the material from a stride project. I just lost the ability to patch it since 5.3 which is weird.

For my workshop I can stick with 5.2, but it would be nice to know that what I am showing will work in the future as well.

Thanks for bringing it up.

  • We encountered some bugs in Stride (Equality isn’t implemented properly on certain material types)
  • but also found that something broke on the way on our side
    (loosely related to the auto-RGBAGPU<RGBA> topic)

In combination, the patch should work as expected with newest preview release and even better than ever before, as material nodes in general weren’t really trustworthy (aka non-deterministic) due to the Stride bug…

So thanks for bringing it up and being resilient.


Thank you for the prompt response and thorough investigation!

Always a pleasure!


Interesting, I found transparency in Stride very flakey all through Genuary - have to check if any of the things I encountered have improved now, otherwise I’ll post some of my findings as well.