Stride FileTexture shows grayscale image file tinted in red

For any reason, I have this texture which gets interpreted wrong and showing the image tinted in red instead of grayscale, when loades as a file texture in Stride.

Stride interprets R16UNorm, in comparision on the right Skia ImageReader would interpret it as GRAY.

Happens on my nvidia RTX 3060 Laptop (latest Studio driver), the Intel XE onboard graphics or on another device with the nVidia RTX 3080.

vvvv gamma 2021.4.12 but in one of the recent previews as well.

Image Source: Displacement Map as PNG from Rock Boulder Cracked Texture • Poly Haven


It’s behaving correctly. If you want a texture that “looks gray” you’ll have to convert/save the png in an RGB format. But that’d just waste memory since for gray all channels contain the same values and ValueMap uses only one channel of the texture anyways. Have a look at its rightmost pin.

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Thanks a lot for the explanation. Strange I did not realize this before. But probably so far most textures I used where saved in RGB instead of Grayscale. This post might be moved to “questions” then. ;)

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