Stride crashing on fullscreen on second monitor output from laptop

I’m getting some funny issues with full screen in VL, but it only seems to be effecting things when I have a second monitor attached.

Here’s the scenario:

Plug in a second monitor, and make it extended
Open VL and load the Example Rings patch
Press Alt Enter: Making the image full screen seems to work fine on laptop screen.

Drag scene window into second monitor
Press Alt Enter: Crashes VL


If I change my primary screen to the second monitor, and have then open VL, I can full screen in either laptop monitor, or second monitor just fine.

I’m running a ROG Zephyrus G15

does it make a difference where exactly the window is dragged to on the screen? and on which side the second monitor is relative to the primary screen? we are aware of a bug in the underlying windowing system that the location of the window has an influence on where it goes fullscreen. sometimes it tries to open on the next screen instead of the screen it is currently located.

also, could you give a precise setup description? locations, resolutions, and DPI settings would be interesting.

Doesn’t seem to matter so much where it is put into full screen, if the attempt is to put it into full screen on the second monitor.

Some observations, when on primary monitor when switching between full screen and windowed, a small amount of the render will flash on the second monitor when going back to windowed.

When both screens are set to 100% scaling it appears the second monitor is fine going into full screen.

Primary monitor is 2560x1440
Second is 1920x1080

When crash occurs Scaling is 150% on primary, and 100% on Secondary, crash does not occur if both on 100%.

System (125.9 KB)

thanks, that’s very helpful.

Some more info, this time from the desktop.

Same scenario as above, except my desktop has 3 outputs, all three set to 3840x2160, and all set to 150% scaling.

If you put the Scene Window into the right side of the screen, as shown, it will open it’s full screen in the far right monitor, rather then the monitor it is in. If the Scene Window is just a little more to the left, it will open in the window it is in. This Will occur in far left window as well, but if you have the Scene Window in the far right of the furthest right screen, it will open in that window. (The furthest right screen works as expected in other words)

Changing scaling to 100% on all windows has no effect, issue remains.

System (137.0 KB)

thanks for testing it on a second system. if I understand you correctly, despite the “fullscreen on next screen when positioned too far right” you don’t have any crash on your desktop system, no matter how the DPI is set or where the window on screen is.

have you tried with different DPI per screen at the same time? or were all screens always on the same DPI (100% or 150%)…

Correct, no crashing on the PC, but just the strange behaviour for full screen, seems to be happening at both 100 or 150%, haven’t tried any other combos, will do.

thanks for the report, we recently fixed a bug regarding this which is availabe in recent previews. let us know if it happens again…

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This seems to be happening again:

I’m getting a full screen crash when I try to go full screen to one of my monitors, I’m running 4 at the moment, my 3 main screens are running 3840x2160, and the 4th is either my projector , or my multitouch screen, and both are usuall set to 1920x1080.

Full screen is working fine on the 4k monoitors

If the 4th screen is set to be my primary monitor, nothing crashes, but if its not, it crashes VL.

This also seems to be happening on my laptop with a projector, again, if it’s the main monitor no problem.

If I set the scaling to 100% on all monitors, the issue doesn’t seem to be happening.

Tested on 0342

Just another note, it just crashed even though all my windows are at 100% scaling, but I can guarentee it won’t crash if I am on 100% scaling, and full screen on any of the 4k monitors, then move the renderer to the 1080p monitor, then full screen on that one…

yes, i got a 4k monitor here as well and could reproduce what you said. thanks for report!

Not sure if this is related, but quite often my renderers are getting “Stuck” on a screen, and doing “Alt+Enter” shows the windows bar briefly at the bottom, and then it goes back into full screen.

I usually delete the SceneWindow, then undo that action to reconnect it and then it works fine. Again working on 4k monitors, with a 1080ti.

yes, that is most likely related. you can track the progress here:

We finally found some time to look at this issue and you’ll find a fix in upcoming previews (for example this one).


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