Stride: can't have Light Shafts + Shadow Volumes when scene is sent to multiple renderers


I’m using Gamma 2021.3.0 + Stride 0.9.69

I’m trying to have Light Shafts (volumetric light beams) + shadow volumes (objects cutting light shafts in the air), which works fine when using a single renderer; but as soon as the RootScene is sent to multiple destinations (additional SceneWindows or SceneTextures): Light Shafts remain, shadows “impacts” on objects remain, but shadow “volumes” disappear (i.e. Light Shafts are like going through objects).

Attached is a very simple patch derived from the Light Shaft help patch, where I’m basically just sending the RootScene to an additional SceneWindow.
If only one SceneWindow is active: no problem. As soon as the other one get enabled: shadow volumes disappear instantly. (Remember to F8/F5 to see the change)

Until I find a workaround I fear I have to revert to Beta + Superphysical ;(
We have a show coming saturday that I had started in Gamma, so if anyone with a miracle fix (or pointing to something silly I’m doing wrong) that will spare me a last minute rewrite will win his own weight in BitCoins*.

* or a beer

debug_LightShaftAndShadowsMultipleRenderers_2.vl (41.7 KB)

Hey there,

are the 2 Scenes identical ? in any case: Ive just tried surrounding your patch with a “repeat” region, and this works for me. I think this way you could still make some changes per for each loop to each scene i guess.

There is some strange clipping in the lightshaft when i move the camera but it also happens with 1 window

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Nice hack! :D
Thanks for giving it a try

The scene will be identical but from different points of views (LookAtRectangleCamera > SceneTexture), it’s the pretty basic immersive-multi-out setup.
I can try further with this ForEach approach and feed different POV coordinates based on the iteration index.
Will let you know how that goes!

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