Stretching a texture over a mesh

I’ve looked all over the forums and the wiki and can’t seem to figure out how to stretch a video texture (or any texture for that matter) over the entirety of a mesh.

I create a mesh in sketchup pro (something simple like two quads at an angle to each other), import it with xfile, run that through gourauddirectional (along with the texture) but all I get is a tiled texture I can transform.

I’m not sure what I’m missing and I’m hoping its a stupid oversight.

Not looking for hand holding but a point in the right direction or some insight would be greatly appreciated!


the way how a texture is mapped on a mesh is definded by the mesh itself. so your 3d model software has to take care of the mapping when creating the mesh. this is called texture coordinates and is defined for each vertex of the mesh.

does that help you?

I remember seeing something like this when digging through the .x file for kicks… So I’m just gonna hope there is some easy way to specify texture coordinates in SketchUp Pro (I’d rather not bother with Maya…)

anyway, for this simple things you can try blender, it’s free and it has a good xfiles support (textures as well)

Thanks everyone… but who would have thought uv mapping would be the huge pain the ass it is!