Streaming vvvv apps

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a streaming service that will run vvvv apps online?

Thanks for any help!


Maybe specify your question a bit? do you want to live stream the video or what is the question?

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Hi tekcor, thanks for getting back to me.

Yeah, I would like to live stream the vvvv renderer onto the web. Hopefully be able to host the vvvv app onto a server which can run and stream 24/7. I tried the process with OTOY’s X.IO but to no avail.

Any other suggestions that you guys may know of will be very much appreciated!


oh ok. i think you have to find resources on other pages.

Open Broadcast Software is probably the way to go.

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Great, thanks for this tekcor. Will take a look!

Hey it is pretty easy to stream a renderer to youtube with OBS. If you are using a server remember that you need a full fledged Windows 10 with access to the display, even if by remote desktop. No old style IIS server.

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Thanks io - will have a look at this!

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