Streaming and recording NODE20

I want to support and attend a few workshops, but I will be at the school during workshop times.

There’s a way to have the workshops as recordings with NODE ticket ?


Yes, everyone who has a node ticket can re-watch ALL events and workshops!

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great !!! best for this year edition, shame it´s not so easy to attend this year !

it’s easier than ever before!

Indeed, just in case there is any confusion:

  • this years workshops will all be available online. ie you can join from anywhere!
  • the ticket is only 50€ for regular participants for 25+ workshops and access to the festival hub
  • you can even get a free ticket if your video submission is selected

@sebl true it´s easier than ever to watch everything, but you know :(

@joreg, I was asking because previous years, not all the workshops were available after NODE, neither the repositories and this year was not clear that you can watch all afterwards, not just in live stream. Thanks for make it 100 % clear.

can´t wait for it !!!

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where and when will it be possible to watch the recordings?


If you’ve got a ticket, you can watch them right now and afaik the videos will only be availabe to people that have bought a ticket for now.

yes, you will need a ticket and that will give you access to all workshop recordings for at least 6 months.

Ah thank you,
I was somehow expecting a seperate page for the recordings.

Where can we who attended NODE 2020 (and had a ticket) find the videos/workshop now afterwards?

the bundle is here now:

if you have a ticket for NODE20, you can still login to talque and watch the recordings.

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yes but that one you have to pay for? I Already paid during the NODE week


For how long do you plan to keep the Workshops online? Wouldnt it be better to allow Node users to download the files?


I think you can write to node institute email and ask for access providing your ticket details, about talque suspect it’s not going to be off any time soon.

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Thanks, will do