Streaming 3200x600

hello, how i can make run a video of 3200x600 pixels in fulscreen smooth?. the computer that i have its not so much thing, there is anyway to do it with the queue(ex9texture) node ? maybe putting all the frames in the queue and then take the slices with getslice(node), anyone know about it? thanks 4 all

i doubt you will have good results with a video of this size and any software on a low performace computer.

you can try to preload the textures as a sequence of bmp files, but as each texture will require 2x3200x600x4 bytes in memory you will very soon reach the limit of your RAM or mximum texture width.

many cards allow only 2048 trick might be composing the video in a 1200x1600 frame and use texture transforms

using one of the DXT compressed texture formats (check Wikipedia and set in the Filetexture node) will considerably reduce memory usage.

depending on the content of your video you might have good results with Quicktime Animation or similar low-cpu oldschool codecs.

or try upscaling the video.

or try boygrouping two or four computers.