Strange video playback

I have a patch which is running video textures on various quads overlyed ontop of each other which i can fade mix etc on command. These are all going into a group then the main output renderer. The strange thing is is that sometimes the video quad does not play unles i connect a second renderer direct to the quad layer output. Easy fix but was sondering if this is a known issue?


huh, i’d say no. can you post a patch that reproduces this problem?

Finally got round to uploading the patch. No vide in the zip to keep the size down.


WINE (78.7 kB)

hola digi,

sory, but i cannot do anything with your attachment. a few words where to start, what to do, what to observe, how to reproduce the problem would really help.

Ah Yeah, sorry, its a bit messy!

Just for testing purposes, locate to a video directory where all of the filestreem inputs are. The patch should automatically run the “Idle State Mov”

To controll the patch, open UDPMIMICK, this is just a simulation of the udp packets i receive from the Winch software. Selecting a face, int he UDPMIMICK patch, entering a “WinchHeight” (between 0 and 9000mm) and hitting the fly button should start off the movie sequence which trigger’s different video clips in the main patch.

The bin number in the UDPMIMICK represents where the crosshair will be placed in the renderer.

Sometimes if i donot have a second renderer attatched to the end of a quad the video texture does not appear in the main grouped output.