Strange update things

I’ve got a very odd probelm at the moment, I have a patch thats quite complex, but in a couple of places, for example in a transform spread subpatch, the patch doesnt seem to update its ouput until you mouse over the outlet, when suddenly it outputs the correct spread. The subpatch is orange while stuck when using ctl f9 when moused over it goes grey again. This has happened with transforms and also techniques. I’ll get tty on and try it all again, thought Id flag it up as I’ve noticed it before.


OK TTY gives
00:00:54 * : couldn’t switch receiver to channel preload1 because the subtypes of the pins don’t match… connection down.
Until I mouse over the r nodes recieve name pin then it all goes fine again, I’ll have a look for this reciever…
Ahh Im using a ord to enum to select the name of the reciever so the subpatches can have seperate s+r nodes. Should this work?

I also get this error 00:33:52 * : [ error occured in TMex9EffectNode]( error occured in TMex9EffectNode): Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 00612EEE in Modul ‘vvvv.exe’. Lesen von Adresse 00000000
same patch different thing