Strange shader behaviour in feedback situation

found a reproduceable way to create a strange behaviour of shaders Technique being NIL like @karistouf described in another thread.

it seems to be related to the first frame evaluation of Queue (EX9.Texture)

All Bug description is related to Beta23.

in Beta23 the bug results in an application error, when closing vvvv:
Exception EInvalidPointer in module vvvv.exe at 000047C9

in Beta24.1 also the “nonBuggy”-patches result in endless running complaints in TTY-Renderer. (7.4 kB)

fixed for >beta24.1

i hope so…

if it’s really fixed i don’t need further explanations…

So this was working in a patch, I swapped something out, then put the queue back in and it no longer works, restarting vvvv or the pc has no effect…
This is beta 25.1, and I really need the queue!
How has it got so broken!