Strange mouse behaviour on dual head setup

hi vvvvriends!

we are expieriencing a strange mouse behaviour with a complex patch that runs on a winXP machine with a X800 gfxCard. the DX9 renderer is on the primary screen (not fullscreen - for performance reasons) and the patch to control it is displayed on the secondary screen.

whenever we click a IObox the cursor jumps to the primary screen an we have to scroll back to the secondary!!! the click is handled correctly, but it is really annoying having to scroll back everytime…

any suggestions/ideas?


rossi & smike

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i think thats a bug.
you could try switching the screens so that you have your patch on the primary and the renderer on the secondary. hope that helps for now.

i be there.

we’ve tried that, but it makes the thing really slow - fps below 10!

so i think we better keep on scrolling :)

rsi & smk

btw, is your work for that IMAGO show finished or is it where your eye rings come from ;)?

there is hope for you:
the second screen is as fast as the first, IF you switch the adapter setting of the Renderer (DX9) in the inspector to the second device.

have a good performance !

and btw what performance reasons forbid the use of fullscreen?

for now you’ll pop out of fullscreen on the secondary screen, if you click on a non-vvvv window on the first screen. this is fixed for the upcomming release.

tonfilms suggestion should really work for you. 2nd screen should be as fast as first. this is also fixed for the next release. automatic acceleration on both screens.

and yiss. imago is still in the making…but we have some days left…
see you there.

Yeah - you’r right, the performance is the same in fullscreen mode!!
but i haven’t tried to change the adapter settings - thanks for your help!

joreg: i will try to come to the IMAGO-show on friday, because i’m really looking foreward to seeing you, your work and the whole show - unfortunately we can only test our setup on friday evening/nights so we might be late for the show…


never mind, we run a second trip on tuesday night. better prepare your stuff right…hehe…